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Big Bear 400 ATV CV Boots


Ever since Yamaha introduced their first motorcycle designed for racing to the world in 1955, they have been creating innovative machines for those with a need for speed on a search for adventure. They quickly expanded their line to include several types of sport vehicles for the adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts. One of their most popular ATV types is the Big Bear 400 model. Known for superior power under intense pressure, the Big Bear 400 has left many avid four-wheeling fanatics in awe of this sleek, yet sturdy beast. Even with the ability to pull out of deep mud holes, make quick turns on a dime, or withstand brutal elements while maintaining exceptional performance, these vehicles will still require replacement of their Big Bear 400 CV boots at some point.

While many ATV enthusiasts might know a lot about how to perform tricks and cool stunts n their ATV, an even more important element of knowledge is knowing how to take care of your machine to keep it riding great for a long time. When a vehicle is constantly exposed to intense conditions, such as wet mud or intense temperatures, the CV boots can take a hit. These rubber casings protect the CV joint and the axle. If your ATV is lurching or shuddering when you accelerate or brake, it is probably a damaged CV boot. Even if your vehicle is driving like always, you should still check for tears in you Big Bear 400 CV boots routinely to avoid a costlier issue later down the road.

We offer a range of Big Bear 400 CV boots to help keep your ATV performing like the superior beast it was meant to be. A Big Bear 400 offers higher performance than other models, so the parts offered for Big Bear 400 CV boots have been manufactured with superior quality and durability in mind. We sell both front and rear CV boots for this model, ranging in years from 2001-2008, in both inner and outer boots. We would be happy to answer any questions about these parts to better assist you in your ATV repairs.

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