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About Us:

ATVCVBoots.com manufactures the finest quality CV Boot available today. Our neoprene CV Boots are rigorously tested to meet the following ASTM standards to ensure reliability and durability:

ASTM D-573 Heat Resistance
ASTM D-395 Compression Set
ASTM D-471 Fluid Resistance
ASTM D-2137 Low Temperature Brittleness
ASTM D-624 Tear Resistance

 ATVCVBoots.com CV boot material is manufactured with a premium neoprene formulation specifically for the demanding requirements of today’s ATVs and UTVs. It is 50% stronger than the traditional rubber advertised by many other CV boot manufacturers. 

 ATVCVBoots.com boots are puncture resistant. Resistance to both heat and cold (3 minutes @ -40 deg C to 70 hours @ 100 deg C) are tested to ensure a long product life, even in the most extreme conditions. The grease provided with our boot kits is formulated with molybdenum to withstand extreme temperatures. Molybdenum is the best choice to ensure that the CV joint is protected from wear under extreme use.

 ATVCVBoots.com CV boot kits are designed to withstand the extreme angles that most ATV CV joints are subjected to during off road use.

 Installation is much easier than that of other boot kits offered by other companies. The stainless steel pinch style clamps provided with our boot kits are far more durable than other clamp designs.

 ATVCVBoots.com boot kits are not a universal boot made for many applications. Our boot kits are application-specific to ensure exact fit and proper function for your ATV or UTV.

Key Features of our premium ATV CV Boot Kits:

  • Heat resistant molybdenum grease
  • Low temperature neoprene boot compound
  • Puncture resistant
  • Stainless steel pinch style clamps
  • Easy Installation

 Each ATV Boot Kit package contains (Per Boot):

 1- Premium neoprene CV Boot

 1- Moly grease pack

 1- Small stainless steel clamp

 1- Large stainless steel clamp

 1- Installation instructions